The Shocking Truth About Electric Current Near Boats

Please take a moment to read this brief article regarding the hazards of swimming near a boat that could have stray electrical current.

Please refrain from swimming in the BYC harbour and ensure kids swim at the beach.

Many thanks,

Kurt Stahle

Group Risk Report: Understanding Electric Shock Drowning.

Understanding Electric Shock Drowning

A Message from the Commodore - Welcome to the 2015 Season!

Can you believe it's 2015 already? As I write this entry, I reflect on truly happy moments in my life that sailing has given to me. Whether it be as a young child, young adult, or currently at the Barrie Yacht Club, sailing has always shown itself to be a highly sociable, enjoyable and at times, demanding activity. Some challenge is a good thing, however!

For me, the Barrie Yacht Club really embodies those elements of socializing, enjoyment and challenge. They come together to create an enriching experience and strong bonds.


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Support Forrest Wachholz

Forrest Wachholz is a tier 1 member of the Ontario sailing team. He is currently campaigning towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the Laser class. He is a Barrie Yacht Club member and represents the club in competition. Forrest began sailing when he was 2 years old and began racing when he was 13 in the laser radial class. In 2014 he made the switch to the Laser full rig. Please be part of Forrest’s journey to the Olympics, give generously.