The Shocking Truth About Electric Current Near Boats

Please take a moment to read this brief article regarding the hazards of swimming near a boat that could have stray electrical current.

Please refrain from swimming in the BYC harbour and ensure kids swim at the beach.

Many thanks,

Kurt Stahle

Group Risk Report: Understanding Electric Shock Drowning.

Understanding Electric Shock Drowning

Commodore's Report 2017 - Kurt Stahle - 2017

Fellow BYC Members,

I’d like to start off by extending my sincerest gratitude and thanks to the 2017 Board of the Barrie Yacht

While not the busy harbour wall construction site of 2015, we still needed to react to major work being
done by our City on Johnson Street. We appreciated your cooperation with respect to moving and
removing boats. And of course, our lift-in and haul-outs were safe and efficient.