Members Choice Awards


It is that time of year when you get to nominate your fellow members and racers for the Members Choice Awards.

Please enter the name(s) of your nominees in the form below. Please only submit one name per award unless it is for the Nuptial Award.

You can find the boat names on the Race Results page or by accessing the member directory under Members on the BYC website.

The winners will be announced at the BYC – LSIS 2022 Racing Awards Night. 

One entry per member.

Thank you for participating.

The F. Gauder Cruising Skipper. Usually goes to a skipper who has done a lot of cruising Donated by former member Frank Gauder
The Sportsmanlike Skipper goes to the skipper who behaves in an honorable and appropriate manner. (there are some out there)
The Nuptial Award goes to the couple who crew together and exemplify the spirit of this honour by always sailing well together.
The Joy of Sailing Award Goes to someone who has a zest for sailing. Donated by Nellie Seal and family (former members)
The Jim Matthew Award Goes to crew who exhibit great camaraderie. Donated by the Matthews family (former members).
Briar Hepworth Award Goes to a member that has exhibited long hours of volunteerism at the club. Donated by the first and only (so far) Lady Commodore