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CANSail 5 & 6

CANSail 5 & 6/Racing Skills – The program emphasizes race tactics and strategy, spinnaker and trapeze skills along with teamwork and responsibility. Sailors generally require CANSail 4, but can be admitted with special approval. Sailors charter a BYC 420 or own their own 29er and use that sailboat exculisively. They are responsible for the craft and equipement as if they own it. Sailors are required to compete in several weekend regattas to complete their level. Spring training starts late May or early June and is 3 times per week 4 hours each session. Summer session is 6 weeks 40hrs per week once school is out. Parents are required to supervise at regattas as well as provide transportation to regattas. A sponsorship program is in place to help with some regatta costs and team uniforms. These levels are appropriate for ages 12 thru 19+. The final regatta is CORK in Kingston August 8-12, 2023. (300 hours training – 60hrs spring & 240hrs summer)

Spring Training

This is a great way to get all the winter rust out before starting your summer session! A variety of skills will be covered, including any student-specific interests or needs. Sessions will be 5 hours long and most of that time will be spent on water. These workshop-style training sessions are a perfect tune-up for summer. You can work on CANSail checklist requirements, or just get out and enjoy an afternoon on the water!

CanSail 5 & 6 Dates & Pricing

Starts late May with the final regatta August 8 – 12.

4 – 8pm until school is out and 9pm – 4pm in the summer.

$2,835.00 + HST

*Member and family pricing discounts available. No membership is required to enroll.

What is CANSail

The CANSail Program is Sail Canada’s national training program for sailing in dinghies. The program is made up of core standards that promote progressive training of core dinghy sailing skills and knowledge. CANSail programming means lots of time on the water in a safe, fun and active learning environment. Sailors learn the skills and enter into fun and challenging experiences suited to their age and stage of development. The programming is designed to get – and keep – sailors excited about sailing for life!

Why CANSail

CANSail is designed to be a set of progressive learn to sail standards focused on providing sailors with a solid foundation of core skills. It allows sailors to learn and progress in any type of boat and consolidates key skills and solid experiences before adding complex skills.

Youth Sailing Camp

2 sailboats launching at the Barrie Yacht Club
Camp Life
adult sailing on Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie Ontario