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Certified by Sail Canada, Canada’s national sailing organization, which sets rigorous standards. Course candidates receive training in the areas of:

  • Professionalism
  • Skill assessment and correction, specific to entry-level participants
  • Effective interventions and teaching methods for application to introductory and first experience programming
  • Program delivery training according to the principles of the Fundamental Stage of the Long Term Sailor Development (LTSD) framework
  • Use of emergency action plans (EAPs)
  • Providing a safe environment, fun atmosphere, and active experiences on land and on water
  • Communication of progress to participants and parents
  • CANSail course curriculum and instructor resources


Prerequisites For Instructors:

(These must be completed as a condition of being accepted into a Sail Canada course leading to becoming a sailing Coach)


CANSail 4 or higher is recommended (formerly CYA Bronze IV Certificate and Seal)
CANSail Boat Safety or Boat Rescue or Sea Cadets Small Craft Rescue or a Swimming Award such as Bronze Cross, Bronze Medallion, NLS
First Aid (Minimum Emergency Level)
Pleasure Craft Operator Card
CANSail Fundamental Course (formerly CYA Fundamental Course)
CANSail national certification training and testing, must be completed, in the classroom, on the water, and in the coaching role, before the instructor is certified.
Racing coaches must meet additional standards before being certified.

Meet Our Instructors

Morgan Dauphinee

I began sailing school at the Barrie Yacht Club when I was eleven before joining the race team at Lake of Bays and coaching in Yellowknife. I enjoy spending the fall season racing for the Dalhousie Sailing Team in the collegiate circuit. I am thrilled to be returning to BYC as the manager for another season and look forward to helping our sailors in having tons of fun and reaching their sailing and racing goals this summer!

Griffin Cudmore-Keating
Race Coach

After years of coaching at the BYC sailing school, I will be returning this summer as the Race Coach and couldn’t be more excited. I’ve spent almost every summer sailing through the BYC sailing school, either as a camper, volunteer, racer and now instructor. I have raced extensively in both the C420 and the 29er. I love teaching because it offers me the opportunity to see growth in campers both in their sailing skills and as people. I get to spend all day on the water with great kids, teaching them to do what I love.

Drew Ambeau
Head Instructor

I’ve spent many summers at the Barrie Yacht Club where I built friendships and learned important skills like collaboration. I found a passion for the sport when I was 9 years old and soon found myself at the BYC all summer. Now I have the privilege of spending summers on the water sharing my passion with great kids.

Ethan Astri

I started sailing when I was nine and have been in love with it ever since. I raced for two years on the BYC 420 race team, and am now returning for my second year as an instructor. Now I have the pleasure of spending my summers on the water, sharing my love for the sport with the great kids in the sailing summer camp.

Alex Ottodinoto

I first started sailing at the BYC at 9 years old and have progressed through being on the race team sailing 420’s to becoming a coach. Race team inspired my love for sailing and is the reason I decided to become a coach. I love to teach because it allows me to share my passion for sailing with others and I cannot wait to be as inspiring as my coaches were to me.

Griffin Dauphinee

I’ve been sailing at BYC since I was 9, I had lots of fun as a camper. The Barrie Yacht Club always felt like a second home to me. Everyone was so nice and caring. My wish is to pass this experience on to others and I am happy to finally get the chance to do so.

Kate Smith

The Barrie Yacht Club has become a second home for me after spending almost a decade of summers there. After coming to the BYC with little knowledge on how to sail and over the years of developing my knowledge, I am now thrilled to teach those skills to the next wave of aspiring sailors. I’ve had some awesome opportunities with some great people and really hope to pass on those opportunities and unforgettable times to some new sailors! Here at the BYC, I have also met some amazing people and made some lifelong friends. I can’t wait for another fantastic summer!

Lucas Worrall

I’ve been sailing at the Barrie Yacht Club for a long time and I’ve loved every second of it. Having the opportunity to now teach what was taught to me is an amazing gift. I can’t wait to share all my skills and knowledge with new sailors. Sailing camp has always been a highlight of my summer and I know it will be for new sailors as well. The friends you make and the lessons you learn will last a lifetime. The art of sailing is something you will be so glad to have learned as it can help lead you to many more things and opens doors for future opportunities.

Michael Boer-Panak

Hello, my name is Michael. I started sailing at the BYC when I was twelve. Later I joined the 420 race team. I really loved the camp experience, I loved playing the camp games and having fun with others off the water. More importantly I loved sailing. The BYC always had coaches that encouraged me to do my best on and off the water. I hope to make every camper feel supported and excited to get out on the water. Sailing is my passion and I plan to share that!

Michael Schubert

Nine years ago, my parents put me in the BYC’s sailing summer camp. In two weeks I went from knowing nothing about sailing to falling in love with the sport… and I haven’t been able to stop since! This will be my fifth year instructing and I can’t wait. Being out on the water is my favourite place to be, and I’m super excited to help others fall in love with sailing as I did!

Oliver Cripps

5 years ago my mom put me into the BYC sailing camp and it was arguably one of the most fun/beneficial decisions she has ever made. The first week of camp was tough; learning new things is not always easy, but as soon as I got the hang of the boat, it was awesome. Throughout the years I have never had a bad experience, and have learned more that I could have possibly imagined. I am now very lucky to get to sail my own 29er, and hopefully take it into a couple of races. Sailing is a sport like no other, and I am thrilled to be able to be coaching something I love doing.

Arthur Leeper

I started sailing when I was about 8 years old. At first I was shy and scared of the sport, but my instructors helped me make new friends and they all helped me get over my fear of sailing. Now I am an older, stronger person. I have learned to love the sport and have built relationships with everybody at the BYC. Now I hope to spread the experiences of sailing to new faces and introduce them to the world of sailing!

Ben Cox

I began my sailing career at the Barrie Yacht Club where I was a camper for six years. I moved to Manitoba, joined Team Manitoba, and started racing the 29er. I received a provincial award of merit and I represented Manitoba in Canada Summer Games 2022. I’m excited to return to Barrie and help the next generation of sailors reach their goals. This will be my fourth year coaching and I’m excited to share all my knowledge and racing experience with all the sailors this year.

Anna Schick

Sailing has been the highlight of my summer since I was 10 years old. The BYC has always been a fun place and the perfect way to spend the summer break outside! Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I hope that I can help create amazing experiences, similar to the ones I had as a camper.

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