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Certified by Sail Canada, Canada’s national sailing organization, which sets rigorous standards. Course candidates receive training in the areas of:

  • Professionalism
  • Skill assessment and correction, specific to entry-level participants
  • Effective interventions and teaching methods for application to introductory and first experience programming
  • Program delivery training according to the principles of the Fundamental Stage of the Long Term Sailor Development (LTSD) framework
  • Use of emergency action plans (EAPs)
  • Providing a safe environment, fun atmosphere, and active experiences on land and on water
  • Communication of progress to participants and parents
  • CANSail course curriculum and instructor resources


Prerequisites For Instructors:

(These must be completed as a condition of being accepted into a Sail Canada course leading to becoming a sailing Coach)


CANSail 4 or higher is recommended (formerly CYA Bronze IV Certificate and Seal)
CANSail Boat Safety or Boat Rescue or Sea Cadets Small Craft Rescue or a Swimming Award such as Bronze Cross, Bronze Medallion, NLS
First Aid (Minimum Emergency Level)
Pleasure Craft Operator Card
CANSail Fundamental Course (formerly CYA Fundamental Course)
CANSail national certification training and testing, must be completed, in the classroom, on the water, and in the coaching role, before the instructor is certified.
Racing coaches must meet additional standards before being certified.

Meet Our Coaches

Hannah Furyk

I’ve been working at the Barrie Yacht Club Sailing School since 2015, first as a CANSail 1 and 2 coach, then head coach and finally to Manager of the Barrie Yacht Club. Being able to see athletes discover their passion for sailing and watch them follow through the program and look forward to stepping into the coaching role is amazing to see. I started at the sailing school with no knowledge of sailing and have since competed with the race team, raced my own boat and then joined my university sailing team. Sailing has opened up so many opportunities for me and created experiences I will never forget.

Michael Black

I learned to how to sail in Nova Scotia and Ontario. Sailing and racing Opti’s, 420’s, and 29er’s I’ve grown to love the sport so much that I want to pass on my passion for sailing and racing to the next generation of sailors! Sailing is a sport that combines discipline, adventure, and a sense of humour. There is no other sport like it.

Griffin Cudmore-Keating

I will be going into my 2nd year of teaching sailing at the CANSail 1/2 level this summer and couldn’t be more excited. I’ve spent almost every summer sailing through the BYC sailing school, either as a camper, volunteer, racer and now instructor. I have raced extensively in both the C420 and the 29er. I love teaching because it offered me the opportunity to see growth in campers both in their sailing skills but also as people. I get to spend all day on the water with great kids, teaching them to do what I love.

Sam Cumming

Sailing has always been a summer activity that allows me to enjoy the outdoors while being absent from school and other physically demanding sports. I love teaching sailing because it allows kids to also find enjoyment outside of the increasing online world. The sailing school offers great life long lessons of grit, confidence, and obviously the tangible skill of sailing!

Matthew Girard

I learned to sail at the sailing program here at the BYC when I was just 9 years old. I then joined the BYC race team to race boats competitively such as: the 420 and 29er for 4 years. I am now an instructor at the Barrie Yacht Club. I love my job because I have the opportunity to make another kid’s summer great, and potentially spark up the same passion for sailing that I found.

Jon Ball

I’ve been coaching at the Barrie Yacht Club for 4 years and have been sailing at BYC since I was 9 years old. I’ve was a part of the BYC Race team where I raced 420s and a 29er before I began coaching. I wanted to start coaching because I had such a great time when I was in camp and wanted to give back the same experience.

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Hannah Trombley

My years growing up learning to sail in Barrie have always been some of my best memories. The sport quickly became a passion of mine and by coaching I hope to share my excitement with children in the program. I love working with kids and teaching them new skills and life lessons. Being outside and on the water sailing is always my idea of a perfect summer.

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