Join the Barrie Yacht Club

Application for Barrie Yacht Club membership is open to anyone interested in boating and related activities. You do not need to be a boat owner to apply.  We currently have approximately 120 members across several categories.

  • Voting Member - Full voting and harbour rights.
  • Associate Member  - An Associate member is entitled to full privileges of the Club with the exception of harbour or dry-slip privileges. The associate membership shall be used as a waiting list for wet or dry-sail slip allocations. An Associate Member may opt to be on the waiting list and retain all the assigned privileges of the Club as an Associate Member. At any time an Associate Member on the waiting list may pay all the prescribed fees and be moved to the Voting Member category with intended privileges.
  • Social Member - A Social Member shall be entitled to the use of the Club facilities and related activities, less the use of the dingy fleet, related dry-sail facilities, and harbour facilities and other restrictions as the Board of Directors deems necessary. Social membership may be renewed annually.

Voting Members are required to pay an initiation fee in addition to the annual dues.  Associate and Social Memberships require annual dues only.
The Barrie Yacht Club is a Registered "Not for Profit Social Club". All members participate in the management and upkeep of the club, as we are a 100% volunteer organization. Joining has its’ privileges but also its’ obligations. All members are expected to pitch in on work parties, undertake routine maintenance activities and help with larger scale projects.

Membership Application Form and Process

A membership application is provided in *.pdf form in the link below.  This form provides information on fees and information required for the application. If you need more information or have questions, phone or e-mail us.  Our Membership Chairman will be glad to help you out.  (e-mail is the best way to get a quick response).

Right Click on each file to download