Commodore’s Message for the 67th Season

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Welcome to the 2019 sailing season! We are going to have another amazing year at the Barrie Yacht Club.

I want to thank all the board members who served in 2018 and our rear Commodore Chris for a great year. Thank you, Chris. This year he will be busy recruiting new members and filling vacant slips along with other duties.

Vice Commodore Kevin Lee has accepted the added job of coordinating sailing focused training and activities to help both experienced and new sailors develop their skills and have some fun.

Regatta Dave is keen to get back to racing and is organizing a full season again with some added surprises. Along with the help of Ed Wilks, director of dry sail, they want to get everyone out to dinghy racing on Monday nights. Are you up for the challenge?
Tom Bolland is running our sailing school while Marc Hill, our communications director, keeps us informed with Jibe Talking and our new live screen in the clubhouse.

Our Treasurer Kurt Stahle runs a tight ship to help manage our funds and save for our future expenses. Ron Brown has taken on the property portfolio this year and has already encountered some challenges with the gate, the gate, and the gate. While Ron has nightmares about the gate, harbour master Mike Carty, harbour master, has recurring dreams about the crane. Heather Mason, secretary, records all the important club business during our monthly board meetings.

In 2019, there are going to be events that are inclusive to all members and It’s important that we all make an effort to get involved to show our support and to make the club the best it can be! My request to you, the membership, is to take advantage of this great club and increase your participation in one of the many opportunities available!

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Mark Girard, Commodore, 2019