A Message from the Commodore – Welcome to the 2015 Season!

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Can you believe it’s 2015 already? As I write this entry, I reflect on truly happy moments in my life that sailing has given to me. Whether it be as a young child, young adult, or currently at the Barrie Yacht Club, sailing has always shown itself to be a highly sociable, enjoyable and at times, demanding activity. Some challenge is a good thing, however!

For me, the Barrie Yacht Club really embodies those elements of socializing, enjoyment and challenge. They come together to create an enriching experience and strong bonds.

As we eagerly anticipate the start of the 2015 sailing season, your Board has been hard at work to ensure the club and its infrastructure are up to the challenge of delivering great social events, an enjoyable, well cared for environment and fulfilling the demands of an exciting racing program. Don’t forget our Sailing School either; we need to be introducing children to the highly rewarding activity of sailing that we have come to love. We need the next generation of caretakers of the sport to jump in with both feet.

Speaking of being involved, your Board has been crafting a system (supported by this new website) that will allow for easy tracking of volunteer hours and much better notice of work around the club that needs to be done. A volunteer coordinator position has been created to ensure we can match the tasks that are required to be done at the club with the members to do them. With everyone offering their 10 volunteer hours per season, we can keep our club looking and running its best. And that’s in our collective best interest.

We have a little slice of perfection on Kempenfelt Bay. I look forward to enjoying it with you in 2015!

Kurt Stahle
Commodore, BYC – 2015